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25 Cole Road



Charles H. Cole

This well-loved home, formerly the carriage house of 94 Otis Street, is set on nearly two acres on a private way. Formerly owned by one of Hingham’s most notable citizens, Governor John Davis Long, Charles H. Cole, a prominent banker from Boston, purchased the house and stable from Long in 1893. Cole lived there until his death in 1906. In 1908, the estate was advertised as having a stable with “eight horse stalls, three cow stalls, electric lights, two sleeping rooms for coachmen, harness, carriage and washrooms.”

This stable made the news more than once in Hingham and Boston. On October 29, 1894 the Boston Herald reported that a water heater in the stable of Charles H. Cole “exploded yesterday with a noise to be heard…” although it didn’t specify if anyone was injured in the blast, a few months later they also reported that a stable-hand, Patrick O’Neil, was found dead in the stable.

This stable became 25 Cole Road when it was converted to a home in 1939 by the owners of the main house at 94 Otis Street, which is also on the tour this year. Once completed, the owners of 94 Otis moved into the carriage house and their daughter, her husband, and young family moved into the main house. They incorporated many of the fine architectural details of the main house into their new home, adding elaborate moldings and a stately entry.

The home didn’t undergo any major renovations until the current homeowners moved in twenty years ago. At that time, the master bedroom was on the first floor in what is now the den. On the second floor, only the two original coachmen’s “sleeping rooms” had been finished. Although the homeowners have largely retained the same footprint, they did expand the second floor, replicating the roof line from the 1939 renovation to add a second floor master bedroom suite and additional bedroom. Coincidentally, one of the current homeowners grew up in the main house at 94 Otis Street. During the last twenty years, the current homeowners have thoughtfully updated each room and an impressive deck and outdoor fireplace overlook the pool they added ten years ago.

Historic maps and photos will be on display in each home during the tour as well as additional information about the Charles H. Cole family.

Hingham, Massachusetts 1885 Bird's Eye View by A. F. Poole

Hingham, Massachusetts 1885 Bird’s Eye View by A. F. Poole