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91st Historical House Tour

Dear Tourgoers

Glad you made time to visit our tour website. On this page you’ll find expanded histories of each of the locations for which we could find extra documentation.

Contact us at 781-749-7721 or if you’d like to contribute to our materials.

Whether large and fancy gentlemen’s estates, or humble but meticulously preserved farmsteads, Hingham’s houses reveal the day to day life of a 380-year old New England community as it was lived by the carpenters, farmers, coopers, drapers, shoemakers, and lumber barons who called this year’s tour houses “home”. This year’s tour also includes a tiny gem of a museum that explores the history of the intentionally obscure naval munitions depot that supplied American war ships from World War I through
World War II.

The Society is indebted to the wonderful team of volunteers that puts the House Tour together every year, and to the Board of Directors, and our tour day volunteers. Thank you.

Enjoy the tour!

Michael Studley

***Please note that Old Derby will be closed for renovation beginning late August 2015 – August 2016. (Closed on Tour Day)***