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240 Main Street

240 Main Street

James Stephenson House, 1832

The Captain James Stephenson house at 240-242 Main Street was built by carpenter Samuel S. Bailey in 1832 for blacksmith James Stephenson (1802-1863) and his wife Lydia Thomas (1803-1878). They had 3 children at the time and the family would soon grow. The 1850 Census lists eight residents of the home including 3 boys and 3 girls ranging in age from 4 to 23. The property at that time included a house, barn, and the surrounding 4 ½ acres of land. Around 1857 the house was split into two residences with the parents owning the northern part (240) and son Thomas (1834-1909) the southern (242). After Mrs. Stephenson’s death her part was sold to James S. Clark, a salesman with Jordan Marsh in Boston. He and his wife, Abigail often traveled and rented out their side of the house. Renters included Fred H. Miller, publisher of the Hingham Journal, from 1909 to 1912, when the Clarks sold their half. The 242 side was occupied by Thomas Stephenson and his wife Martha (d. 1899) until his death.

The northern third of the property was taken by developers for what became Clark Road in the 1890s. The house became one residence again by the 1970s. The current owners bought the house in 2010 and made extensive renovations in 2012. The porch on the north side was enclosed, the main driveway from Clark Road was replaced with a new garage and pool area. The existing garage was moved to the back of the yard. The original front staircase was removed and the butler’s pantry space next to it was combined into a bar overlooking Main Street.