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Scarlet Oak

 1217 Main Street ~ 1757

1217 Main Street, the home of the Scarlet Oak Restaurant, has a rich history dat- ing from 1640 when the land was granted to Robert Peck. Daniel Whiton bought the property in 1748 and built his fine Georgian house here in 1757. The property remained in the Whiton family until 1916.

The Whitons were wealthy farmers, carpenters, and served the town as con- stables. Two Whitons fought in the Revolutionary War.

Joseph Jacob Whiting, Daniels eldest great grandson and successful Boston clothing merchant, died without issue so his brother, Amasa, inherited his Boston and Hingham properties valued at a sizeable $159,000 in 1863. Amasa served as a state senator, member of the school committee, and trustee of the library. Amasas wife, Hannah (Fearing), owned the property after his death. She lived until age 85 and her travels between Boston and Hingham were news worthy for the Hingham Journal. Ada Bacon, Hannahs daughter, eventually sold the property out of the family.

In 1938 Otto and Herberta Kley bought 1217 Main and established the Country Fare restaurant. The Country Fare was a Duncan Hines recommended restaurant and served Hingham for over 40 years. During that time Otto and Herberta lived upstairs, thus they were residents and business owners. They were very thought- ful and in times of trouble delivered food to the neighbors as gifts.

Since 2007, The Scarlet Oak, owned by the Webber Restaurant Group, has served its signature dishes, Potato Crusted Haddock and Steak Frites. The Scarlet Oak welcomes House Tour visitors with cider, apple beignets, and a spookier version of Scarlet Oak history.

An advertising postcard for The Country Fare mailed out around 1945 cost one penny to send.


A photo of the Whiton House from 1981-1997, shows that the exterior of the house changed little over the years. Photo courtesy of the Hingham Public Library.