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Second Parish Meeting House

685 Main Street

Second Parish Meeting House, 1742

Second Parish Meeting House was erected in 1742 to accommodate the growing population of South Hingham and their calls for a church nearer their homesteads. The land for the church was donated by the prosperous Theophilus Cushing, owner of the mill at the north end of Cushing Pond, stop ?? on the tour. The original structure was a simple house-like form with a gable ended roof and an entrance on the south side. Its simplicity befitted the lingering Puritan ideals of a religion unencumbered by the trappings of ceremony and rank that marked the old Church of England. 65 men and women signed the original covenant for the parish, promising to “live soberly, righteously, and godly in this present world”.

50 years later, the parish gave the meeting house a facelift and added a fashionable bell tower and entrance on the east gable, boldly distinguishing the building from those surrounding it. Later additions to the new façade brought a refined Federal era look to the meeting house. Like the First Parish Meeting House, Second Parish has been used as a church since its construction. The current minister, Stephanie Kelsch, is descended from the original minister, Daniel Shute.

Second parish church has recently become handicapped accessible with the addition of a ramp.