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1 Steamboat Lane

1 Steamboat Lane

Frederick A. Turner House, circa 1665

Imagine yourself on a hill overlooking Hingham Harbor at sunset. You see the colorful sky, the sailboats and the green of Button Island. You, however, are indoors at one of the most spectacular homes in town, 1 Steamboat Lane.

Frederick A. Turner, Vice President, Boston Plate & Window Glass Company, had this home built as a summer residence and is responsible its magnificent glass features including the living room’s diamond lead glass windows overlooking the harbor, the dining room’s lead glass cabinet doors, and the incredibly colorful bull’s-eye glass in the main staircase.

Turner commuted to Boston during the summer. His groom, who lived in the barn, drove him in his horse and buggy to and from the steamboat daily.

For a time this house was boarded up and in decline. Local residents remember playing in the deserted barn and yard as children. Fortunately, future owners were the best possible stewards. An owner in the early 1950s added central heat. Two additional owners each lived in the house for thirty years. One of them restored the house and, as an avid auction-goer, added the many antique lighting fixtures. The other expanded the house to include a kitchen, library, and family room.

The present owner has ensured the future of the house with a long list of improvements, from deleading the paint and updating the electrical system to air conditioning and four new bathrooms. A third floor Christmas village was added. When all the restoration became unbearable for the lady of the house her husband comforted her with these words, “We are custodians of this beautiful home. We are just getting her ready for the next 100 years. Know you are creating a safe and loving home for our family to treasure.”


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