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29 Irving Street

29 Irving Street

George W. Tilden House ~ circa 1870

29 Irving Street is the house of two builders who worked over 200 years apart.  A board found in the original house says, “Geo. W. Tilden, Hingham Builder This house was built for me, 1870.” Tate Isenstadt, owner of TDI Building and Remodeling, began restoration on his home in 2012.

The owners bought this property in 2004, and as the size of their family increased they needed more space. Their dilemma was they loved Irving Street and did not want to move, so the obvious happened: Dad and his company went to work.

The original house was a cape with the gable end facing the street. The 1960s owners added an L with four dormers. The present owners gutted the L and added an identical cape to the other side of the house.

Today the highlights of the original cape are a magnificent curved staircase with hand turned spindles and a living room with wooden fireplace trim and a coffered ceiling. This part of the house remains the owner’s favorite part of their now large home.

The ‘60s addition now houses a modern kitchen, eating area and family room.  An antique table belonging to the owner’s great grandfather is the gathering place in the kitchen.

The new cape added to the 1960s addition contains the mudroom, lockers for the children, an office, backstairs, a laundry and garage.

Upstairs there are four bedrooms, a bath, the master suite and a nautical-themed sitting room. There is also a large all-purpose room on the second floor of the garage.

The Isenstadts, with the help of Robin Pelissier of Robin’s Nest, have decorated the home with creativity, color, and comfort.  They have built an updated family home that respects the historic integrity of the original house.

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