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30 Spring Street

30 Spring Street

Frederick Lane House, circa 1910

Around 1910 a large American Four Square House replaced the little cape house that Abner Sprague built at 30 Spring Street in 1839. It is believed that the cape was either moved or demolished and is not part of the present home.  However, a recent owner found boards in a wall with Civil War newspapers attached as insulation, which does confuse the issue.

The current Four Square house was built for Frederick L. Lane, Treasurer for the Nantasket Steamboat Line and musical director for the acclaimed Hingham Community Band, which played at the grand opening of the Boston Garden in 1928.

According to architect John Sheskey, who owned 30 Spring Street for many years, there were two major additions, and at times two families lived here. He believes that the fieldstone foundation, the stone wall in the front yard, and the fieldstone fireplaces in the living and family rooms were added later by a skilled Irish mason. Sheskey placed a time capsule in the large round step leading to the front staircase.

Today a family of four enjoys this historic home and showcases antique aspects of the house: the egg and dart and rope patterns adorning the dining room fireplace, the kitchen’s lead glass cabinets, and the bright trim and wainscoting throughout the house.

Each room also features the owner’s blue and white porcelain. The master bedroom has a unique semi-circular closet area and the third floor is a hide-away for the owner’s sons.

A complementary style garage/boat-building shop was built in 2000 for Sheskey. Today its second floor hosts a pool table, foosball game, and indoor basketball net for the boys and their friends to enjoy.

This house brims with the love and joy the present family has for each other and their home.

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