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The Hingham Historical Society, founded in 1914, is a member-supported non-profit organization dedicated to collecting, preserving, exhibiting, and interpreting the history of the town of Hingham, Massachusetts. We offer educational programs, exhibits, and year-round activities for families, students, and all those who seek to gain a deeper appreciation of our community’s and our nation’s history.


Donate to the Hingham Heritage Museum at Old Derby.


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You preserve it, you share it, you keep it relevant. The Hingham Historical Society is doing just that with an icon of downtown Hingham, the Old Derby Academy. When it reopens as the Hingham Heritage Museum at Old Derby, Hingham will have a perfect venue for exploring the rich tapestry of Hingham’s past. That history will come to life in the many exhibits, school programs and cultural activities that will be hosted at the Museum and its Visitor Center. What could be a more fitting future for a building that spent its first 148 years as a school house–the first in the nation to admit girls as well as boys. In the spirit of inclusiveness that has marked Old Derby’s history from the beginning, we invite you to contribute to our goal to keep preserving and sharing this icon of Hingham’s past. Help us bring the Hingham Heritage Museum to life and contribute your own threads to the tapestry of our history.


For those who have purchased commemorative
Heritage Museum bricks and pavers, we thank you!

First phase donor brick installation is complete.
If you are interested in purchasing a brick
for the second phase, please call 781 749 7721.


Old Ordinary

Serving as a tavern for over 150 years, the Old Ordinary is Hingham’s own 1688 house museum, owned and operated by the Hingham Historical Society. Guided tours are offered in the summer and early fall. Come and learn what life was like in Colonial Hingham.



Hingham Heritage Museum and Visitor Center at Old Derby

The Visitors Center at Old Derby is the place to start for genealogical research on Hingham families, information on historic homes and buildings, and up-to-date information on all that Hingham has to offer- both old and new. The Kelly Gallery and our current exhibit, “Boxes, Buckets, and Toys: the Craftsmen of Hingham,” are open on the second floor.




The Hingham Historical Society offers many annual programs, including its popular tour of historic Hingham homes. In addition, there are several special events and programs planned throughout the year. Check out our calendar for what’s coming up. You can also find out more about Society membership and volunteer opportunities.