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Hingham Heritage Google Map

Hingham Village and Lower Plain 1857

Our Hingham Heritage Custom Google Map

The new Hingham Heritage Map is a custom Google map with a series of topical overlays on which locations of local historical significance are geo-located and described.

Not sure what that means? Just click in the upper left hand corner to see the “legend,” or list of overlays, and in the upper right hand corner to enlarge the map:

Select one of the themed layers using the map “legend” on the left, and the Google map will populate with icons representing sites of interest. Click on one and scroll down to read more about its history and in some cases, see historic and contemporary photos. Note: Many historic structures on this map are private homes today, but exteriors can be viewed as you walk, bike, or drive along.

Map Overlays

  • Cemeteries/Places of Worship/Meeting Houses
  • Military History
  • Farming History
  • Heading for Independence: 1700-1784: Sites/Structures
  • Post-Revolutionary War (1785-1799: Sites/Structures
  • 17th Century Sites & Structures
  • What Hingham Made, 17th-19th Century
  • Slavery, Abolition, and Civil Rights

Learn more about how this Google Map Project Came About:

Launching the Hingham Heritage Google Map Project